Monday, May 7, 2012

50th Anniversary Nissan Patrol

Still based off of the previous platform and not the new one that underpins the new Infiniti QX56 and Nissan Patrol elsewhere in the world, Australia continues to see a more rugged looking (and gas guzzling) Nissan Patrol on its shores.

In this case Nissan is releasing a special 50th Anniversary edition of the venerable Patrol in the Land Down Under.  50th Anniversary of what you may ask?

The 50th anniversary of the first crossing of Australia's Simpson Desert by 4WD vehicle of course!

Some 60 years ago Dr. Reg Sprigg (an Australian geologist, discoverer of some of the oldest fossils on the planet amongst other works) made the pioneering trip from Andado Station to Birdsville in 1962 with his wife Griselda and their two children, Doug (then seven) and Margaret (10).

This beautiful vehicle celebrates that trip and the history of the Simpson Desert.

50th Anniversary Nissan Patrol available in Australia...

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