Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great Weekend Results for Nissan in TORC

TORC is the more Central/Eastern US located short course racing organization in the US and holds the rights to the most famous track in the sport running multiple events at "Crandon" in Wisconsin.

For the third and fourth rounds of racing in the 2012 TORC season however the racing took place at the Red Bud, Michigan motocross facility.  Tighter and hillier than other venues, it makes for some epic racing.

Nissans would do very well here this past weekend (May 26 and 27th).

In the Pro2 division the Boss Snowplow Nissan Titan of Chad Hord claimed second place on both Saturday and Sunday.  Hord has finished 2nd in three out of the four TORC races so far this year (his other finish being a 4th place) and is now sitting first in points on the year about a third of the way through.

In the ProLight division it was the Nissan Frontier of Brad Lovell grabbing a solid 5th place on Saturday but far more impressively grabbing his first short course racing victory on Sunday, pushing him into third place in points on the year.

Its nice to see Nissan having success upon their return to short course racing in a more substantial way after a couple of years off.  Well done to all.

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