Sunday, May 6, 2012

Brief Trip to NYC...

This was from last weekend.  Beautiful weather and great company with my brothers in law.  NYC is a great place to visit but I still wouldn't want to stay there...nor New Jersey.  The taxes and other expenses are insane.  $10K a year in property taxes on an 1/5 of an acre of land, $2K a year on car insurance for a single small, don't know how people do it.

That being said, the museums and attractions (such as the Museum of Natural History that we visited) are truly world class, the city is as clean as a city of 10 million can be expected to in this day and age and it is ridiculously safe.  Yup, Times Square seems like a large, open air version of your local mall at times but...I'm still glad I live close enough to NYC that I can visit it from time to time.

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RC Miller said...

Great photos! Glad you had such a cool visit.