Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So I've noticed over the past few days a number of ads for the upcoming "reunion" tour of Van Halen...Now Van Halen was one of my favorite groups in my youth, especially (of course) the David Lee Roth Van Halen.

Now I'm not so interested in seeing them at this point.  No Michael Anthony, Eddie's brat kid on bass, DLR in some sort of toupe'd Liberace getup but I still enjoy their music.  Hell, if someone gave me tickets I'd go see them just for the the sake of saying "I was there, man..."  But pay to see them??  No.

That being said I can still understand the desire of hardcore fans wanting to to see them live and hoping for some of the energy and deafening sounds of long ago.


Then I noticed who Roth is smoothly announcing as the opening act for them on this tour.

Kool & the Gang...No really, I'm serious.  Ummmm...did anyone think this through??  This reeks of an idea that Roth would come up with and foist upon his audience.  I mean how many, drunk, white, 40-60 something, Van Halen fans are going to quietly sit through a rendition of "Cherish" do you think?  I'm guessing not many...This has bloodbath written all over it...

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