Monday, January 9, 2012

Film Review: Sin Nombre

Just took a shot on this one given it was recommended to us by Netflix, likely on the basis of our enjoyment of other Gael Garcia Bernal films (he produces here).

This one is an average film, not containing anything groundbreaking or overly original.

The intertwined story of an MS-13 gang member from southern Mexico and a Honduran girl who both end up on an ill-fated trip as illegal immigrants to the U.S., if there's ever been a movie to help dispel the myth of the poor, underprivileged, who are just trying for a better life, this is it.

I don't suppose that was the intended message of the film makers but it sure is what comes across.  Here we have a murdering gang member with a conscience who is trying to run away from even more pathetic and murderous gang members.  On the other hand we have a uneducated, no skill, gullible, 15 year old girl from Honduras who wants to go to New Jersey and live with her other illegal alien relatives....Great...where do I sign up to get these people into the country?

I guess as an audience we're supposed to see redemption in the turn around of the MS-13 gang member nicknamed "Casper" as he goes from murdering and causing the death of his girlfriend to helping save the life of the Honduran girl but I just don't see it.  You'd have to be dumb or blind to ignore the filth that  these characters surround themselves with and are a part of.  Oh, and hey!!  This film REALLY was made in the train yards, gang lands and slums of Mexico and includes numerous real "migrants" in the filming!!  Wonderful.

Thanks but as nicely shot and as solidly acted as this film is (and it is both of these) the characters are so unsympathetic that none of the rest of the film matters.

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