Friday, December 30, 2011

Help Scouting Some Roads?

So another step forward.

What will hopefully be a new RallySprint for the NorthEast will go before the board of the proposed location on 1/5/12 for preliminary approval.  I have been told by the head of the board that it should not be an issue in getting this initial approval.

From there I need to scout the potential roads for their appropriateness, mapping, etc.  According to what I am being told there are some 15-20 miles of appropriate roads available for our use.  The potential evidently for some extended RallySprint mileage is very enticing and I hope that it bears out.  Given the descriptions and prior use of said roads I have a high degree of confidence that the roads will be near perfect for Stage Rally type competition.

If anyone wishes to help out with this effort, please let me know.  I would particularly welcome someone who may want to scout these roads with me--even better if they have a "rally" vehicle they might want to run for a bit on these roads.  I don't particularly want to drive my race truck to the location for scouting purposes as it has no heat, I don't want the extra wear and tear on it and the location is a number of hours from where I live.  So if you have a nice Subie or Evo or whatever (doesn't need to be caged for scouting), you might have a weekend free in Q1 of '12 and are interested, please let me know.

I don't plan on making the location of the potential event public until it is fully approved but if you get out your protractor and do some triangulation you can figure out a general area of where it is by the following distance measures--518 miles from my home in Windham, NH, 496 from Boston, 313 from NYC, 198 from Balt., 99 from Pittsburgh, 201 from Cleveland, 266 from Columbus, 297 from Syracuse and 482 KMs from Toronto.

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