Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2009-2010 NASA RallyMoto Champ Bill Conger--Dakar Training...

So cool now that I participate in a series that can boast of multiple Dakar entrants.  This video is of one Bill Conger, a BMW instructional driver from South Carolina who has taken the '09 and '10 RallyMoto championship in NASA Rally.  The video is from Bill's training with Charlie Rauseo a few months back.  Charlie's Rally Management Services is doing the servicing and chasing for not only Bill but Jonah Street and Ned Suesse as well.

Bill takes a wrong turn towards the end of the video and Charlie waits for him to come back to him after realizing his mistake.  Love the terrain here as its part of what drove me to fall in love with events like desert racing, the Dakar and Rally in the first place.  Enjoy.

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