Friday, December 9, 2011

February 7, 2012

That is the date the first private launch and docking of a space capsule is set to take place.  What was once the sole province of only the largest industrialized nations is now to move to the hands of individuals and corporations.

NASA has given the formal go ahead for SpaceX to launch their Dragon Space Capsule and have it attempt to dock with the ISS to deliver supplies.

Originally it was just scheduled to launch, go near the ISS and then fall back to Earth.  Progress has been rapid enough that they are now going to attempt the docking of the capsuel and resupply of the ISS as well.  Once complete the Dragon Capsule is to return to Earth, splashing down off the coast of California.  The SpaceX resupply method is the only one that returns the delivery capsule to the Earth--which is also the planned way for SpaceX to return astronauts to Earth in the near future once they get a few resupply missions under their belt.

I can't wait and will be watching on line for this historic event.  Well done.

NASA announces DragonX launch and docking a "Go" for February 7, 2012

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