Thursday, September 1, 2011

Third Time's the Charm!


On my third attempt I have successfully obtained my Rally America logbook for the NISMO Stuff Racing Frontier.

On my first attempt, back at the Okemo Mountain hillclimb race #1, Rally America technical inspector Don Taylor informed me that I needed additional bracing to the main hoop in the cab of the vehicle, specifically around its center section as well as needing to have the cage "pads" where the cage passes through the shell of the vehicle down to the frame, welded to the shell, and in the rear of the vehicle, have the down braces of the cage welded to the frame.

With those items complete, I returned to Okemo Mountain for hillclimb race #2 (at which I would damage the truck in a small off) I again attempted to have Don Taylor inspect the truck and issue it's logbook.  Again I was turned away.  This time it was due to the engine cage work which continued forward from the shock tower mounts and terminated at the top of the frame near the front of the vehicle.

This was dubbed a big no-no as it effectively eliminates the "crumple zone" built into the frame and vehicle and supposedly could result in injury or death in an accident where the front of the vehicle doesn't absorb an impact in the manner it was designed.  Kind of silly given its a "race" vehicle and not designed for rally or desert racing or the conditions encountered therein but, oh well.  So back home she came.

Taking a sawzall to the front portion of the engine cage I quickly eliminated the offending bracing and plan on cleaning up the areas effected to give it a finished look but proceeded to ziptie the various wandering componants back in place and drove the truck back up to Don last night.  Fearing yet another rejection for some other technicality I approached the evening with apprehension.  Could there be something ELSE found that didn't meet his critical eye?

Not this time.  He saw the deletion of the front portion of the engine cage and issued me my official Rally America logbook.  I am now good to go for Rally America, NASA Stage Rally events and CARS (Canadian Rally Series) events.  Additionally Don provided me with a checklist that Rally America tech inspectors go over when moving a car through tech for me to go over prior to the upcoming Black River Stages event in a few weeks.

All my ducks are coming into a row and its nice to have this hurdle complete finally!

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