Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Off To Black River Stages...

So the truck is packed as best it can be with groceries, personal crap, an additional 10x10 EZ-up, a case of beer, tent, sleeping back, last minute bin of fluids and more.

The rest of my gear (tools, jack, more fluids, more tools, tarps, another EZ-up, etc.) is all on board Anthony Burden's box truck that he graciously allowed me access to as we are partnering up for the weekend.

I'm off for the NISMO Stuff Frontier's first stage rally event after running in two hillclimb races in the past two months.  One of these went really well, the other not so much.  I only aim to finish this weekends event as I won't be carrying many (OK, almost no, spares) and after damaging the truck in the last hillclimb, I'm gunshy regarding running the truck as fast as I might be able to.  Add that to the likely wet weather conditions and it would be a perfect scenario for a first time stage rally racer to total their vehicle.

Other items of note--I actually planned the preparation fairly well.  All the gear is packed away in time, I'm not rushing around, the truck is in good shape with all fluids replaced and all parts repaired.  I actually will get a good night's sleep before leaving for Harrisville, NY in the morning.

Tech and registration is tomorrow and the race begins in the middle of the afternoon on Friday.  Total racing mileage is 90 miles split between Friday and Saturday with Friday's racing going until at least 11PM.  It should be interesting to say the least.

Updates results are to be posted on:

See you soon!

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