Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Food Review: Burger King's California Burger

In the interest of full disclosure here, I will divulge that I was, at one time in my long ago youth, an employee at a Burger King for a little while.

There, now that is out of the way...

Ditching the "King" mascot and now going to a more "healthy" and "feminine" marketing, one of BK's first new items is the California Whopper.  I am a big fan of guacamole and knew I had to try this as soon as I saw the add.

So how does it rate?

At 820 calories, 56 grams of fat and 1200 milligrams of sodium, this is not exactly what Mrs. Obama wants you to have for lunch.  Then again you are getting your veggies, your milk products, your protein and your grains in one fell swoop!

I found one of these burgers plus the fries and drink that come with it to be very filling but not roll me home I feel ill filling.  You know you've eaten a REALLY large lunch when having this meal but you don't yet have the urge to throw it up--perfect.

Taste wise the California Burger comes without pickle so that is a bonus for me as I hate pickles.  The bacon, Swiss cheese, mayo, guacamole combination was really good.  Each ingredient could be tasted individually without one overpowering the other.  The burger itself was standard BK flame broiled goodness and the bun held everything together nicely.

All in all, the burger isn't a large departure from the standard Whopper with bacon--only substituting the guacamole for pickles and Swiss for the usual cheddar (?).  I don't know how long this version of the Whopper will be around but it is worth a try.

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Brian Driggs said...

So I'm headed back to the office from an off-site meeting about an hour ago, en route to Wendy's, when I spot a BK. "Say, Dan had good things to say about that new California Whopper. I love guacamole. I should give it a shot."

Considering I live three hours from the Mexican border, and only a few hours more from California, where many domestic avocados are grown, you'd think the guacamole would be better.

In typical BK fashion, the beef is good, but it's accompanied by pale, often wilted lettuce, half a jar of mayonnaise, and in this case, 3/4 of the guacamole-like substance between the bun and the wrapper because someone was in too big a hurry to put it on the burger where it belonged.

Filling? Yes.
Tasty? Acceptable.
Recommendation: Big Bacon Classic from Wendy's. Higher quality beef, higher quality bacon, fresher condiments, better fries.

Cheers, mate.