Sunday, April 17, 2011

NISMO Leaf Racing Car Revealed...

So this is what Nissan had up its sleeve for the NY International Auto Show.

Set to debut both the next generation Versa (the Sunny in foreign markets) and a reportedly brand new entry for Infiniti, Nissan had recently mentioned the debut of a zero emission motorsports vehicle--and this is it.

Maintaining the front lights, battery packs and most of the front perspective look of the Nissan Leaf, the rest of the vehicle is all custom.

The battery packs have been moved to amidships, the vehicle shortened and widened.  Carbon fiber, two door body created, and obviously a more aerodynamic package created.  It will reportedly be shown off in various expositions at motorsports venues around the country in 2011.  Not exactly a pavement burner--going from 0-60 in a little under 7 seconds and a maximum speed in the low 90s, the Leaf NISMO RC is not going to be found setting any speed records but, there is some minor rumbling about a spec series for electric vehicles, which, at the very least, would go to show that going zero emission doesn't HAVE to be boring.  This is more proof of Nissan's current outside of the box thinking and I applaud them for taking the time and resources to develop this unique vehicle.

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