Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bill Rhoden and Another Dumb NY Times Article...

I know...saying "dumb NY Times article" these days is a bit redundant...

But this one I felt I wanted to comment on as it comes from one of sports' preeminent writers--supposedly.  I'll cut and paste the email I sent to Mr. Rhoden today and also link to his "article" for those who want to read it.  In Mr. Rhoden's advancing age he is falling back on the ideas he knows best--the putdown of the African American athlete by those white individuals in positions of power.  Unfortunately for him, his current lack of brain cells no longer allows him to view any matter in terms outside of this.  Alzheimer's is a bitch I suppose...

My email:

Mr. Rhoden,

You are blatantly showing your own bias by taking up Bonds' cause. Bonds is on trial for and demonstrably (though the jury may be so dull-witted to rule as such) did lie to a grand jury (much like the cause of Bill Clinton's impeachment had nothing to do with his actions with Ms. Lewinsky but instead with his false statements to that jury). No one with a centillion of common sense thinks otherwise.

If you want to argue simply that you want Barry acquitted just because he's black--have at it...but don't couch your opinion behind a pretense of pseudo-intellectualism.

The best sports writings, that which tries to tie topics that lie within the lines of play to those of the real world, can and do make a reader re-evaluate their normal ways of thought. I am assuming that is what you are attempting here. Unfortunately you mailed this article in without legitimate thought or reason. Shame on you.


Daniel Spalinger

Mr. Rhoden's article: Here...

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