Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Alex Fishgoyt--Artist...

Sometimes I run across things that just pique my interest and feel like sharing.

This is one of those cases.

Came to know of this artist today, purely at random.  I normally can't stand most "modern" art simply because many "artists" think that creating something totally incomprehensible to anyone else  and then giving the work a funny name or a number just goes to show how post-modern they are.

Then all the art "consumers" look at the dots or squiggles and say "Ooooo...This doesn't look like or remind me of anything and it doesn't elicit a single emotion in me, so it must be so good that I can't understand it..."

Maybe its just because, like with much music, nearly every sound or every object that can be produced/drawn/painted has been produced/drawn/painted.  But that's a REALLY depressing way to look at things and though I tend to be the most cynical of cynics, at my heart I'm an optimist.

Which is why, when I came across this artist something resonated within me.  Yes, if you look at his website and his other works he seems a bit overly focused on the female breast and in some of his work he seems a bit too Dali-esque.  It is paintings like the one above though that strike me as a unique talent.  I am not an art major, nor do I pretend to be an art aficionado.  I just know things that catch my eye and ear as singular works and not likely to be produced by any other individual or group of individuals--one of my requirements for determining talent.  And this, to me, is one of them...
Alex Fishgoyt website...

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