Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Entry Into the Soda Wars...

As the remaining details come together (never mind that whole engine cage/front suspension that is left to be done, I'm sure that will go REAL easy...uh, yeah...) some other items are being taken care of.

Such as the new vinyl courtesy of AMI Graphics and Signs For Minds, both out of NH and first class operations.  They combined to produce and install the new vinyl which encompasses the new logo on the bedside you see to your left.

Gamer Soda (also a home grown NH entity) is the original soda produced and marketed for video game fans.  All the flavors (I can personally attest) are excellent.  There is no compromise here between tasted and "energy" as even their caffeine infused lines taste nothing like any energy drink you've ever had and the carbonation is kept nice and light for easy drinking.  Currently available throughout NH (see where on the Gamer Soda home page...) and oddly enough the West Coast, Gamer Soda is an up and comer in the world of beverages and I'm proud to carry their brand--I only hope to make the brand proud in return.

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