Thursday, September 23, 2010

More UAW Madness...

It's not shocking that people in Detroit are drinking and smoking pot on the job...I'd probably do the same if I lived there...

What is surprising is that after all the scrutiny that the domestic auto manufacturers have received and their near collapse and extermination that workers would still take their jobs for granted and perpetuate this behavior.

Evidently completely comfortable drinking and doing drugs in public and amongst numerous fellow employees the UAW workers of Chrysler feel so entitled to their jobs and so protected by their union that doing these things on their contract protected half-hour morning break (one wonders what they do during their longer lunch break and if they are even still able to stand by their afternoon break) appears completely within the norm of their daily activities.

Chrysler Jeep employees able to drink and get high on the job and still build Grand Cherokees and get their jobs/company/habits subsidized by the American tax payer?? YES WE CAN!!

Detroit, Chrysler Union workers at play!!

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