Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st Gen Titan to Live on Through 2013--At least! the time its all said and done the 1st generation Nissan Titan may have gone virtually unchanged for a full decade of model years.
Introduced for the '05 model year the Nissan Titan has never hit its original sales goals of some 100,000 units but has become a beloved vehicle amongst a number of owners. It has also been rumored to be at the end of its production life a number of times.
Word comes today though that Nissan will continue to produce the Titan in its current form right through the introduction of its replacement sometime in 2014 or beyond. In speaking directly to Ward's Auto, Nissan's chief product planner Larry Dominique is aware of the 1st Gen's early problems (rear diff failures, etc.) and promises to make sure they do not occur in the 2nd iteration of the Titan. He also indicates that Nissan failed to stand behind the Titan in terms of marketing and promotion to the point that many truck buyers did not even know Nissan made a full-size truck. While unable to confirm that the new Titan will arrive in 2014, that has previously been the target year Nissan has mentioned and it continues to confirm that production of the current Titan will occur until its replacement arrives.
With the recent rumors of the demise of the Xterra after 2011 this is welcome news that Nissan is not getting out of the body-on-frame, durable, truck platform business all together. Huzz-ah!!

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