Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yes...This is a Nissan...

What you are seeing here is the entry for Andrew Prendeville and Chris Buncombe who are both relatively young, yet quite experienced drivers that have entered this weekends American LeMans race at Mid-Ohio.

Driving for Libra Racing (a new venture owned/operated by Ian Dawson and NOT the Rally Car team associated with John Buffum) out of the U.K., using an engine developed by IES Racing (also out of the U.K.) who have been Nissan specialists for some time working with Nissan factory teams at times.

Powering the Radical Sportscars chassis is an IES configured VK45 V8 found most commonly in the 1st generation FX45 and Q45. Supposedly this engine and chassis has seen some good testing and the IES engineers are on hand at Mid-Ohio to oversee the powertrain so hopefully all things are in order for a solid effort this weekend.

I for one am SUPER excited about this as it is something vastly different from all the other Porsche/Chevy/BMW/etc. powered machines in the LeMans series. I wish the team well and will be closely following along...

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