Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prepping for the 2011 Rally Season...

With my stated goal as being that I would like my RetroRunner Nissan Frontier to be up and ready for at least one full stage rally at some point in 2011 I have started collecting all the ancillary items that are required by RallyAmerica (now RallyCar) in order to pass scrutineering.

I figure its best to start gathering them now to spread the cost out over a longer period rather than waiting till the last minute and trying to throw everything together at the last minute and absorbing a solid $400 whack right at the end.

To that end I have purchased the following three items so far that are required by RallyAmerica (RallyCar) in order to pass scrutineering:

1) Safe Drives Rally First Aid Kit--$49.99, kind of expensive given most of the stuff in it can be had for a couple bucks for each item BUT it saves you the hassle of going to CVS or WalMart and trying to piece together each of the items in the requirements.

2) Home Depot Tow Strap--$26, no metal hooks as they can hurt if something goes wrong. Too many rally teams/efforts use ones with metal hooks and I'll stick to either a shackle through the tow hook or looping the rope through itself but this was an easy and cheap purchase.


3) Northern Tools DOT Standing Warning Triangles (3)--$19.99, there are cheaper warning triangles out there but not by much and these are DOT compliant which is what the RallyAmerica (RallyCar) rulebook states they must be so I didn't want to try and save a couple bucks and then have an issue come scrutineering.

I will continue to post the purchases that I make over the coming 10 months or so before I am fully prepped and ready to go so you can see just what a large pile of stuff it takes just to get off the starting line...

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