Friday, August 6, 2010

Mid-Ohio ALMS Spotters Guide...

Created by Andy Blackmore Design this is one of the nicest features that I have seen in any modern motorsports series. Before every race the series releases a "spotters guide" so that you can see the liveries of all the entrants. Please notice the Libra Racing entry as the #5 car on the top line, 2nd from the left. The full .pdf file can be found here: Spotters Guide

As an FYI, there have been two practice sessions at Mid-Ohio so far with the #5 Nissan powered Radical chassis running at the very tail end of the LMP class. This is not surprising as the #5 car is not truly an LMP vehicle. It is built to LMP2 specs which is a new class to begin in '11 using smaller engines and a host of other restrictions that try and make it more affordable to privateer racers. My hope for this effort this weekend? That the Libra Racing #5 finishes the race and perhaps moves up in the LMP class due to DNFs.

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