Sunday, August 29, 2010

AMA Motocross: Southwick, MA

So my five year old son and I attended our first AMA Motocross race this weekend. Honestly, I didn't even really know that a top tier motocross event came to the Northeast until this year. I have ridden dirt bikes for a few years now at a number of locations in NH, MA, etc. but didn't see this event (which has been going on at the same track for over two decades) well publicized.

Part of that is likely due to the regions media (newspaper, TV, radio, etc.) general dislike of all things motorized as most are run by failed English majors of the typical New England liberal (and I do mean liberal) arts colleges. Despite drawing several thousand (3-5 I would estimate) spectators to an otherwise minimally populated area and outside of public funds, making up the largest source of funding for the Southwick, MA school system (on whose land the parking at $10 a vehicle is located) receives absolutely ZERO media coverage or promotion. A shame really as the event could be significantly bigger than it was with just a tad bit of help.

Regardless, the event appeared to be a great success. Perfect weather, lots of fans, lots of sponsors, good racing, etc.

The event itself continued Ryan Dungey's 2010 victory tour, clinching the year's 450cc title with two events remaining. Dungey took both moto's on this day and adds the AMA Motocross title to his 2010 Supercross title garnered earlier this year. A master of both the indoor and the outdoor Dungey is only 20 years old and looks to have the world as his oyster at this point in his career.

As just a fan for this event (not covering it for anyone but myself) and with with my son whose attention span is, shall we say, limited, I did get to stay only through the end of the 1st 450cc and 250cc motos. Four hours in the sun is about his limit at this point. He did however have a very good time telling me how awesome the motorcycles were numerous times and wanting to come back next year. Eventually I can see making a day of the event as the promoters nicely provide wristbands so that you could enter and leave and re-enter, thus allowing "tailgating" of one form or another which would allow one to kill time between events, get some food and save some money.

All in all, not a bad way to spend 1/2 my weekend...

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