Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cross Country Rally Pribram 2010 part 2

Short round up from an eye-witness

The race indeed was very short, just 93 kilometers against time. Starting field with 14 cars was not very numerous, still it was much more than 6 last year. Jiri Pribyl was one of the organizers and last year’s runner-up. It would be great if his Nissan was one of South African Navaras but it’s not. It is home made car with an excellent chassis but engine is the main weakness. The old engine was replaced with new one from Pathfinder few days before the race. Pribyl was in the lead most of the race just to lose the victory in the very last special. No need to describe his disappointment.

The first place went to Zdenek Porizek who drove an old BMW X5 bought from X-Raid. The red Mitsubishi is in a fact a Polish special built on Pajero chassis and powered by 3-litre BMW diesel. The two of them finished on third and fifth place. The red Navara number 14 is an old lady which moved to Poland this year after three idle years. They finished fourth.

Yet another red Navara (popular color for Nissan, eh?) was placed seventh. “My” Slovak crew of Juraj and Danka Ulrich once again dominated T2 class. To be honest: this time it was thanks to penalization of their Polish rivals in Mitsubishi. But who cares unless it is a victory. Juraj and Danka have a daughter named Sandra who races on a quad. Why do I mention her? Because aged 17 she was the youngest competitor in Pribram and it was her first cross country rally. And she did well. Sandra finished fifth out of six classified. Congratulation.

And here is my gallery from the race:

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