Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dunkin Donuts Croissant Doughnut Review

The croissant doughnut or "cronut" is not a brand new item.  I believe they were created in NYC a couple years back and have been growing in notice and popularity ever since.  Dunkin has jumped on the bandwagon and created their own, in limited quantities daily, and began offering them this week.  As a big fan of donuts in general and new fatty food creations in particular, I just had to try one.

First off they are $2.49 a piece and thus are some 2 1/2 times the cost of their regular donuts.  Then there is the way they served it to me.  It wasn't just tossed in the brown paper bag that normal donuts go into...noooooo...it gets individually placed in its own cardboard box with plastic window so that you can gaze upon its sugar ice covered surface until you eat it.  I guess at the largely increased cost they are trying to make it seem like it is a premium product.

So the taste and eating experience?  The texture wasn't bad at all, it was decidedly croissant like.  Very springy in nature with multiple visible layers the "cronut" bounces back much more than a real croissant would.  The outer crust is crispier than that of a regular doughnut and I like this change.  Its nice having the difference in texture from inside to outside.  The item as a whole is a bit heavier and a bit chewier than a regular doughnut.  If I say the chewing experience is a bit rubbery, it has a bad connotation that I don't intend but it is accurate.  The icing is no different than the icing you'd find on your typical glazed doughnut so there really isn't much to say there...I wish there was more icing if anything.

All in all it is a fair experience.  The taste is good and a bit "greasier" than a doughnut with corresponding heaviness in the stomach and the same sweetness as a glazed version while retaining the buttery flavor of a croissant.  The texture is closer to that of a croissant than that of a doughnut and pleasant.  Bottom line??  Do you want to pay 2 1/2 times the cost of of your regular doughnut for what is largely similar experience except housed in a cardboard box??  I don't.

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