Monday, July 1, 2013

New 2015 Nissan Titan Spy Shots

Here we go again!  The 2015 Nissan Titan is showing up more and more as it gets out in the wild for testing.  These photos continue the trend of testing the Titan as a tow vehicle.  Every spy shot taken so far has had at least one of the visible Titans towing a trailer.

Additionally the chatter surrounding the new Titan having a diesel engine option in general and a Cummins based mill in particular continues.

Of note here is that this test vehicle appear to be PURELY an engine test vehicle.  The only part that appears modified from your standard 2013 Nissan Titan is the very front engine area which has received new bodywork likely to house the large engine.  The rest is completely stock and provided by a '13 (or similar) Titan.  You can even go as far as looking at the rear differential housing in some of the shots and see that it is your standard Nissan axle housing--and not even of the "finned" variety now found present on the Titans to keep it cool.  Somehow I doubt that Nissan is going to crank up the engine power and torque and yet leave the rear differential unchanged and even more brittle than it was before.

It still seems as if Nissan has a long way to go before getting to running a full production version on the road and I'm thinking '15 is a far more likely model year to see the new Titan than any '14 edition and I'm betting by the size and structure of the front end sheetmetal that it is going to be a LARGE truck--likely bigger than the current Toyota Tundra and more on par with the new Ford Atlas that will be the base for the next gen F150.

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