Friday, July 26, 2013

Compressed Natural Gas Nissan Frontier/Navara

So as I was stating yesterday there are Hardbodies across the globe using diesel engines.  There are also plenty of Navaras (our Frontiers) that are diesel powered that we don't see here in the US.  And now comes news of another choice in fuel sources for our Frontiers that we won't be seeing anytime soon.

Thailand announced today the introduction of a CNG version of the Navara.  Utilizing our readily available QR25DE (4 cylinder, same as the one I have in the NISMO Stuff Racing Frontier), Thai customers will be able to have theirs fueled by CNG and producing about the same HP as we see in our petrol 4 cyl. versions at 154 HP but with torque figures bumped to 242 ft. lbs.

Beyond the added torque, the switch to CNG is estimated to cut fuelings costs by nearly 70% given the current cost of natural gas and petrol.  For all these benefits you'd expect perhaps a substantial increase price??  No, you can see on the Thai Nissan sites that they are being sold in a range of 535,500 to 641,000 Baht which at todays exchange rate equates to only some $17K to start--right where our base 4 cyl. Frontiers start.

Given our vast and increasing supplies of natural gas here in the States it would be nice to see something like this come here, but I'm not holding my breath.

Nissan introduces CNG Navara...

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