Monday, July 29, 2013

2013 NETRA Rocky Mountain Hare Scramble in Alton, NH

Taking place up near Lake Winnipesaukee in Alton, NH, the Rocky Mountain Hare Scramble put on by NETRA (New England Trail Rider Association) was the first one I'd been to since I was about 10 years old.  I still remember the motorcycles racing through the woods at the event I went to with my father some 30 years ago and hopefully my son will remember this day just as fondly.

The weather on 7/28/13 was wonderful.  Sunny for almost the whole day with a slight overcast at the later afternoon.  Everyone at the event was super friendly answering my son's many questions and directing us to the best locations for viewing.  You could get as close as you dare to the riders and yet no one was doing anything stupid and getting in harms way.  Perhaps this was because most of the spectators were relatives or crew members of the various riders but everyone seemed well behaved.

The track itself weaved its way through nine miles of typical New England forest with lots of rocks, roots, brush and mud to contend with.  Even the youngest and least experienced riders had a skill level far beyond my meager dirt skills however and I was super impressed by the number of female riders who were out there putting the hammer down.

All in all it was a great event to attend and inspires both myself and my son to get involved more actively in enduros and hare scrambles and the like.  A compilation of video clips taken with my camera are below.  Quality is low but you get the idea...

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