Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chinese Modified 6x6 Nissan Patrols??

Looks like someone (evidently someone who doesn't want to be public) in China is taking old Nissan Patrols and heavily modifying them.  I don't necessarily agree with the writer of the linked article that these were built by someone with military engineering background.

Nor do I agree that all of these are Nissan Patrols.  The bottom vehicle in the snow is clearly a Toyota (you can read the Toyota faceplate in the pictures on the linked wiki page) and I believe most if not all of the others are Toyota Land Cruiser's as well.  Nor do I believe these vehicles are winning every contest (hill climb and otherwise) in sight as noted either.  These vehicles do not possess roll cages or other serious equipment needed for real competition.

The author of this article appears to be merely a backer of anything Chinese and trying to put out there how great these homemade Chinese vehicles are.  If this is Chinese auto journalism, Motor Trend can sleep soundly.

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Anonymous said...

No, they do win every single time..
Not because you think they can't be competing due to the lack of a role-cage ro flexy suspension, but due to the fact they still run on the stock motor and powertrain.
With all the other participants using the locally made Chinese vehicles, that going kaput on you, like everything else Chinese does all the time, these are the only vehicles left in the competition, and are therefore unanimously declared as the winners... :)