Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Great Old School Datsun 510 Photo...

This photo is from the 1973 High Desert Trails event.  The driver is a Bob (R.C.) Laton and the codrive is a Gerry Finn.

The 510 here would go on to win the event.  In doing a quick Google search it looks like Bob (R.C.) was quite active with Datsun throughout the 70s in numerous stage rally events.

Note the strange tube on the outside of the front passenger wheel.  This is the wheel sensor for the rally odometer.  No GPS in those days!

Supposedly he still has a shop of some kind in Santa Clara, CA.  There does seem to be a RC Laton connected to a "Trailkat" company in Santa Clara and the coincidences are too striking for him NOT to be the owner of this company.  I'm going to try and reach out to him and get more info on his career and vehicles.  Who knows??  He might have some of them hanging around!  A 510 of this era and design would be an epic car to have at a vintage NORRA race.

Oh, and I love the 1973 method of cutting and cropping photos with the protractor laid down pencil markings on the photo for later handling.  Ahh...the good old days!!

Trailkat Website!!

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