Saturday, March 23, 2013

BTF Prerunner Bumper for Nissan Frontier...

I actually picked this up from the Greyhound depot last weekend though I was in LA and SF this past week and had zero time to unwrap it or take a peak at it.  This weekend was a bit calmer and I got a clean look at it.

It came painted (powdercoated?) which I wasn't expecting as it was never brought up and I assumed like most fabbed items in CA and the Southwest, there is little need for protection against rust.
Additionally the light tabs for both the LED bar and the HIDs I have planned for the bumper look like they are in perfect position.  The front skid is also a nice added bit of protection for some of the delicate bits of the truck that formerly were quite exposed.

Given the improving weather and temperatures I am hoping to have this mounted within the next week.  Will continue to provide updates.

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Tom Hardy said...

Sounds like quite the add on to the Frontier.. Do you have any info about the Nissan Frontier e-locker? I have heard a lot of things about them but I want some more info. Got anything?