Friday, March 1, 2013

Awesome Photo of Five Racing Navaras

There are a ton of cool racing (and other) events this weekend (and today) taking place around the world and none of them involve NAPCAR.

In South Africa for instance we have the opening round of the 2013 Donaldson Cross Country Championship (formerly the ABSA Offroad series).  At this even we have the largest Nissan based offroad team in the world.  The Regent Racing team will be fielding five top flight Nissan Navaras (Frontiers here in the US) with a sixth to show up at the series' next event.  The photo here is of their epic paddock area with the five Navaras all done up in similar livery parked squarely away.  At least two of these are V8 powered Navaras with the rest being standard V6s.

With this series producing some of the best Dakar racer's and vehicles in the world it is one to keep a close watch on.  Fielding a six team effort is a big deal , probly bigger in cost than the factory efforts of Ford or Toyota in that same series.  Here's hoping for a return to Dakar in '14 by Nissan in a big way, lead by this Regent racing team.

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