Saturday, November 17, 2012

Veteran's Day Hike With Jake...

It's been a long time since I've gone on a real hike unfortunately.  Life in general has taken precedence as have other hobbies and interests.  Now that my son Jake is seven years old he is strong enough to go on some decent hikes himself.  So with the day off on Veteran's Day for myself and no school for Jake I figured it was time for his first real hike and my return to the woods.

Our choice for the hike was one I had done with my wife many years back on a very rainy weekend.  I remembered it as a short by very interesting hike with ladders, scrambling and boulder caves.  This day there would be no rain and the terrain was extremely fun for both myself and my seven year old.

The Mt. Morgan-Mt. Percival loop hike is some 5.5 miles in length and some 1,200+ feet in elevation gain so its requires a solid effort to complete though not too much for Jake or myself to handle in quick fashion on these short late fall days.  .The tops of both mountains are not tree free but still provide fantastic views to the south overlooking both Squam Lake and the northern edges of Lake Winnepasauke

 We started at about 9:30 AM and including our lunch break at the top of Mt. Morgan, finished a bit under five hours later at 2:15.  Jake was ecstatic about the hike, thoroughly enjoying every minute and wants to go on more and similar (with scrambling, caves, ladders, etc.) in the future.  We'll see how long it is before his legs start outpacing mine.

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RC Miller said...

Wonderful photos and story. So pleased Jake's become an avid hiker.