Monday, November 5, 2012

Best Buy Sucks...

OK, this may not be a new opinion but I figured I'd offer my take on it anyway.

When I first encountered a Best Buy some 10+ years ago the place was cool.  They had all the latest video games, latest CDs, movies, TVs stereo equipment, computers, etc.  The store was shiny and new and the people who shopped there were a lot like me.  Young, relatively affluent and up to date on consumer electronics.

As I went into a Best Buy last week to return a SATA cable that an employee sold me for an IDE drive I sat in the line for returns and looked around and realized how much things had changed in those 10+ years. 

CDs and Movies are now purchased primarily in digital format so those individuals who come to shop at Best Buy for those items are typically those who are way behind the curve.  Washers, dryers and the like??  The only people who shop for those at Best Buy are people who are allergic to the smell of wood at Home Depot.  The rest?  Well, you could swap the individuals shopping at Best Buy for those down at the local DMV, Post Office, Unemployment line, or Welfare window for this crowd.

Truly I felt dirty and disgusted by the time I left.  And the "help" (?) at the store?  It wasn't any better.  The "Geek Squad" looked like a bunch of nose picking rejects who got booted from the high school chess team and the rest (if they could speak English) were there more as furniture than anything else, certainly not bringing anything to the table.

So there it is.  A primary reason why Best Buy will likely be declaring bankruptcy in 2013 or at the least, closing like 30% of its stores in more "restructuring" similar to Circuit City.  Best Buy has become the domain the lowest class of US society.  Those that do nothing, create nothing and present no value to society other than to create the next generation of government dependants.  Not exactly a winning business formula.

Me?  I did my research on Google as to what cable I needed and bought it at the lowest possible price from an online retailer.  And I'm much happier (and less depressed about the state of the country) for it...

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