Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Poor Nissan Vehicles From Sandy...

So as a Nissan related competitor I am in a bit of contact with the corporate folks.

Of course I am always looking for an in as to obtaining benefits for myself and my team.  So I asked if, due to the flooding from Sandy, that Nissan might have a severely discounted Titan or NV2500 or Pathfinder available.

With over 1000 Nissans to be written off as total losses at NJ ports I figured at least one might be appropriate for towing my race truck and maybe Nissan corporate/Nissan Motorsports might be able to help me obtain one for a significantly discounted price.

After all, Nissan at one point had a policy in place to give used vehicles to competitors for only $1 if they were designated for track use only.

Unfortunately two items came in the way of Nissan benefiting me in this manner.

For one Nissan has ended its practice of selling vehicles it has tested or used for various things (advertisements, etc.) to motorsports competitors for $1. Evidently a number of individuals somehow took advantage of this and did not treat the program with respect (interpret that as you will).  Lawyers of course got involved and determined that Nissan was generating too much liability and recommended Nissan terminated it.  Of course they did.  Strike #1

Strike #2 came with the obvious declaration  that all vehicles lost to the storm were insured against loss and are now all property of the insurance companies and not Nissan.  What the insurance companies decide to do with them is anyone's guess but I'm betting they all go to the crusher/vehicle recycler given the conservative nature of insurance companies.  Regardless, Nissan has no say in what is done to them or who they go to.

So it is that I looked into if Nissan might be able to part with some of its flooded vehicles for the benefit of its motorsports participants.  We'll keep working...

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As a started reading post I was excited and now im sad lol. Wouldve been nice to get one of tnose cars for racing.