Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Rally Cat Some Two Months Later...

So I had been thinking of posting this update of late and a question regarding the Rally Cat (called Zoey now) and her condition.  Well, she (yes, I misdiagnosed she as a he originally, shows what I get for being married for 10 years!!) is doing quite well, below is a picture of her today along with one of when I found her.

She had ringworm, a broken left leg and a host of other problems when she was rescued at Black River Stages 2012.  She is now very happy and healthy.  Weighing 1.8 pounds initially she is now about 3 1/2 pounds and growing rapidly.  Her limp from the broken leg is virtually gone and she leaps and runs with no problems.  She is your typical kitten showing no ill effects from the first few weeks of life.  Thanks again go to Matt and others who helped take care of her while I was busy putting my truck in a swamp.  She couldn't have been rescued without you guys.

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Tim Meunier said...

Thanks for the update. That's my lap she is on in the "before" picture. :) She's looking great. Glad she found a good home.