Monday, October 22, 2012

Will Pulsar SSS Spawn Hot Hatch Sentra Here?

Perhaps a Spec-V hatch?  It's possible.  The Sentra is going to be produced here in the US (as well as next door in Mexico) beginning in the immediate future.  One of the initial hurdles to this possibility is the production of Nissan's MR16DDT engine (the same 188 hp engine found in the Juke and boosted to some 300 hp in the DeltaWing racer) which I do not believe is produced in North America.

Regardless, the Pulsar has now been reintroduced to Australia, just ahead of the Sydney Auto Show and the Pulsar/Sylphy/Sentra will come in two versions there--a sedan and a hatchback with the hatchback getting the SSS version.  Unfortunately the SSS will come only with a CVT transmission (again similar to the Juke).

It would be a shame if the US market was deprived of what could be a great little competitor to the Mazda hatchbacks as well as the Ford, VW, Hyundai and other sporty small cars.

Right now the Sentra is to be seen here in the US in a sedan version with no Spec-V available at the current time.  Importing a few of the Australian dubbed Pulsar SSS hatch would come with the currency translation issues that vehicles from Japan currently come with so.  Here's hoping it comes here in one way shape or form.

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