Monday, October 8, 2012

GT-Rs with F-4 Phantom and Harrier....

These photos were taken over in England recently and contain the juxtaposition of two Nissan GT-Rs against both an F-4 Phantom and a Harrier.  The GT-R is much more angular and "modern" looking than either plane--as is fitting given the original design of the F-4 goes back to what??  The late 50's, early 60s?  And the Harrier design going back to the 70's.

Another funny aspect to the vehicles is that the GT-R likely house more computing power in its drivetrain than either plane does it its entire body.

Regardless, its still a series of cool photos putting what is the peak of automotive technology and performance today against the peak of airplane technology of a very recent period.

GT-R and Fighter Jet Photo Shoot...

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