Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nissan DeltaWing Finishes at Petit LeMans...

After what looked like sure disaster earlier in the week when the DeltaWing had an unfortunate run in with a Porsche during practice, an overnight rebuild, a solid qualifying performance and a fantastic overall finish for the Nissan team put smiles on everyone's faces.

Powered by the 1.6L engine that motivates the Nissan Juke, the radically designed DeltaWing was designated an experimental entrant for the Petit LeMans and took is approximately 1,500 pound vehicle to a 5th place finish.  Given that regardless of its qualifying effort the experimental status relegated the vehicle to the back of the field at the start where it began passing vehicles right away.

Using a minimum of tires and fuel and only two drivers the DeltaWing finished all 1000 miles of the event and ran as high as 3rd in the event.  Given its success and backers including Mr. Panoz himself (founder of Petit LeMans and the ALMS series) I wouldn't be that shocked to see more than one DeltaWing racing in the ALMS series in 2013.

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