Thursday, October 11, 2012

Perfect Tow, Chase, Crew, Camping Vehicle...

This could very well be my dream vehicle for transporting my race truck and attending racing events.

The N6-Active by Roadtrek is based upon Nissan's NV2500 HD with its fullsize truck, Titan, underpinnings which allow towing of nearly 8000 lbs. and comfortably housing a good portion of a race team in comfort.

Fully outfitted with a bed, a shower, table, shelving, fridge, microwave, sink, etc. (but no bathroom) makes weekend trips to the track or offroad race of any kind a more enjoyable and less expensive experience since you are taking your hotel room with you! 

Not only that but the mileage of this vehicle isn't half bad either--the tester's got some 16+ mpg during its 500 miles on board.  With a 28 gallon tank it gives the vehicle a roughly 450 mile range.  Not too shabby.

Coming in at near $70,000 with the 4WD option on the vehicle its not cheap but for what it gives you it seems like a really good deal and one I will be dreaming about for some time.

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