Thursday, July 19, 2012

Film Review: Diabolique

Or more properly, Les Diaboliques.

Knowing after the fact that this film is based upon a story that Hitchcock was supposed to film but that was snatched up by Henri-Georges Clouzot just fits so perfectly.  This is the best Hitchcock film that Hitchcock never made.

Truly a top notch film that deserves to be seen by anyone with a passion for film, Les Diaboliques may not scare the pants of the modern viewer as it did in its original time but it is still a brilliant example of how fear and tension can be generated without blood and violence.

With all the twists of a modern thriller I can't think of a film I've seen recently that left me with a more complete feeling of enjoyment than this one.

The tale of a wife (the headmistress of a boarding school) and a mistress (a teacher at said boarding school) teaming up to murder the man (the headmaster) they are both involved with is superb in its execution with all the little ancillary characters to fill in the blanks of the relationships while adding humor to what is a decidedly dark situation.

Getting wrapped up in the plot is easy and you'll get carried right through to the riveting end.  This is one film that should be on every one's list if  you want a good thrill from your film viewing.  Hitchcock might not have ended up directing this work but I have my doubts as to if even he could have done any better.

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