Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 2 of NEFR and Weekend Wrapup...

Fantastic is the only word for it.

The 2012 New England Forest Rally wrapped up yesterday and the Body Armor Nissan Frontier finished things in a strong and clean fashion.

Jamie Beliveau and his brother Michael Beliveau as co-driver, piloted the vehicle to a 5th place finish out of 23 overall regional entries, finishing 2nd place in class and in third place for the weekend in the DMack Tires 2WD Challenge which combined the results of the Friday and Saturday regional races.  Jamie and the team took home a nice $400 and cool trophies for their work.  If the Friday and Saturday Regionals were combined between all the regional competitors over both days, Jamie would have finished 4th overall with three out of these top four positions going to 2WD competitors.  The DNF rate for the Regional competitors over the weekend was 38% representing a tough but not car breaking rally.

The Nissan Frontier ran strong all weekend with no flats (on General Tire ATs), no offs, no stucks, and no real issues whatsoever.  A side view mirror (just the glass) has a crack in it from a rock that somehow was thrown FORWARD and into the glass by a tire or deflection and the radio antenna has a nice bend in it from a low hanging branch but that is all.  Otherwise a quick refresh will have her ready to head off to Rally West Virginia in a few weeks.  For the team's first outing in the highest level of Rally in North America one could have hardly hoped for a better result.

An early video of the Rally is also out and of very good quality. The Body Armor 
Nissan Frontier makes three appearances in the video and may have as much or more screen time than any other vehicle given the interior shots, suspension and driveline shots and action shots. 0:38, 4:52, and 10:05 are the minute/second marks for each appearance of the truck.

Thanks to Body Armor, DMack Tires, Nissan, and Beliveau Boys Racing. Hope to work with you again in the future!

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