Thursday, July 19, 2012

Film Review: The Descendants

Well that was a bit of a bore...

I was truly expecting a more moving experience with more humor as well.  Instead I got a cliche story about a man with a comatose wife who he finds out has been cheating on him and then has to deal with his problematic daughters on his own while coming to terms with an infidelity he cannot strike back against.

Great.  I've seen this story in a number of forms told numerous times.  There is virtually nothing new here nor is there a fantastic performance by Clooney who more or less deadpans his way through the film.

Neither of the daughter characters are very likeable being obnoxious and dumb--though you get the feeling the director wanted them portrayed as dumb and obnoxious to represent his distaste for a younger generation.  After all, the one young character the director wants you to like is the 60's stoner amping Sid who not only wanders around stoned all the time but is also president of the chess club and spouts deeply meaningful psycho-babble that become revelations for Clooney's character.  Yeah...sure....

This is another Hollywood movie that everyone was told to like--"Hey look!!  George Clooney!!"  "Hey look!!!  Alexander Payne is directing!!" (he of Sideways and Election in prior years).  "This is going to be the greatest thing ever!!" Bah...a Hollywood throwaway if I've ever seen one.

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