Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sights From The Okemo Hillclimb

 Just some of the vast array of vehicles here.  Done with our morning practice runs, now for our afternoon ones.

So far??  I'm VERY slow in comparison to the other vehicles.  But that's what happens when you put a 3900 lb. vehicle pushed uphill by only 160 or so HP against vehicles half the weight and twice the power.

None the less, I am in 49th out of 51 entries.  One Subaru STi had his hood come off at speed putting him out of competition and Retro-Runner is faster so far than one of the motorcycle entries.

Most importantly I've made both my possible runs whereas numerous cars have had at a DNF or DNS.  Additionally Retro-Runner and myself are still in one piece.  So far the weekend has been a great success!

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Do you have any photos from St. Petersburg etc that could suit my blog and you wanted to set them there (costfree for me)?