Monday, July 4, 2011

Really Unique Nissans from the 2011 Climb to the Clouds...

In what I had originally intended to be the first event for my Retro-Runner, the 2011 Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds saw three Nissan/Datsun entries of great interest.  Some really unique cars here.

Why didn't I end up in this event?  #1) Retro-Runner wasn't finished nor tested, #2) the entry fees were REALLY high and would have prevented me from entering a number of other events later in the year and #3) it was an "invitation only" event to which you had to apply and only those with significant experience were accepted given the limited number of entry spots available.

Given my decided lack of experience, even if the truck had been ready and tested and I had sufficient funds to cover not only this event but others during the remainder of the year, the chances of me being selected to participate in the event were slim to none.

Regardless, there were three Nissan/Datsun entries deserving of note.

The 1989 240 RS of Bill Washburn whose car is listed as a DSG (Dent Sport Garage) vehicle--the same shop to which I sent my truck to receive its roll cage.  The 240 and Bill finished in 10th overall out of 52 entries and 2nd in class.  His time was 7:21:20 vs. the winning Subaru STi of David Higgins time of 6:11:54.

The 1971 Datsun 510 of Dave Patten of Futo Fab (Datsun 510 aftermarket specialists) may look a little rusty in places but still ran strong finishing 30th overall and 3rd in class with a time of 8:12:45.

Lastly there was the 1991 Sentra SE-R of Tim Mather who finished in 18th overall and won his class (H3 which was production vehicles with less than 2500 cc engine size) in a time of 7:40:54.

The beautiful shots are from New England photographer Pete Kuncis who runs his On a Limb Rally Photography and takes some of the best shots in the sport: On a Limb Photography...

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