Monday, July 25, 2011

Nissan Takes Two Wins and More...

This past weekend had the TORC short course series running in Charlotte, NC--the farthest East any short course series has come in recent memory.

With Nissan's recent re-entry to short course racing as a factory effort in TORC this was a great opportunity to show the brand off.  Nissan drivers did not disappoint.

In Pro 2, the Boss Snowplow Nissan Titan of Chad Hord (the only Nissan in Pro 2) finished Friday night's race in 6th place and improved upon that result, grabbing a podium spot on Saturday in third place behind only Bryce Menzies and offroad superstar Rob MacCachren.

In the Pro Light class where two Nissan Frontiers reside, drivers Casey Currie and Brad Lovell took three out of the six podium spots on the weekend with Currie winning both the Friday and Saturday races while Lovell finished in third on Saturday.

Perhaps shockingly in Nissan's first year back as a (minimal) factory effort they are actually competing for a season long manufacturer championship.  There is virtually no chance they'll win it given there are only three Nissans running between all the classes, but just getting their name up there is a start!

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