Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silver Fern Rally - EX Fiat 124 Rally car

Before starting the rally


spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

Holy crap Glenn!! What on earth caused that damage!?!?!?

Glen Sandford said...

here's what i found

unfortunatly Stage 4 "Pigeon bay" Tony Aimer and Paul Kendrik left the road and ended up about 300 or so meters down a cliff/bank and are no longer in the silver fern. From my understanding tony is ok but paul was unconcious and was air lifted out. a few of the rally boys said they had never seen a car that far off the road and it had not rolled but flew to it resting place. My sympathy goes out to Paul and his family and hope he is ok, and to tony as he must be feeling an incrediable pain not only loosing a lovley fiat but the uncertianty of his co poilt.