Monday, November 29, 2010

LOORRS 11/28/10 Ratings--Now That's What I'm Talking About!

OK, so it might be a bit of hyperbole to say that is was a great weekend of ratings for LOORRS but the result certainly beats a kick in the pants!

The 1.2 rating on Sunday equates to 1.2% of the 115.9 million TV households in the US were tuned to the LOORRS broadcast.  Yup, that means that 1.39 million TVs were replaying the Las Vegas LOORRS race at 5 PM Eastern yesterday.  As always, using my conservative estimate of 1.1 actual viewers per TV set ends up at an estimated 1.53 million viewers.

This rating is the highest for a short-course offroad event in well over two years.  The recent peak was a 0.7 rating garnered by a TORC broadcast on ABC back in 7/09--this was 71% higher than that!  Additionally, this broadcast, in comparison to recent "rally focused" broadcasts of the World of Adventure Sports on NBC grabbed triple or quadrouple the number of eyeballs as those shows.

The broadcast was not competing against middling competition either with the Eagles-Bears game being broadcast over on Fox and grabbing an 18 rating at the same time.  While ice skating (!) also drew a 1.2 rating at the same time, this is obviously not the same marketing target group as short course.

Factors in favor of the LOORRS broadcast were the late starting time (more of its core audience in the West were up and available to watch than if it were at 1 or 2 PM) and the "holiday" weekend that saw full couches around the nation looking for entertainment.

At the very least this represents a high water mark for the sport likely not reached since the CORR days (if even then, I'll have to try and check) and introduced a lot of new people to the sport and its sponsors/advertisers...

"The NFL Today" 11/25 CBS 12:00-12:30pm 7.8
"NFL on CBS": Patriots-Lions 11/25 CBS 12:30-4:00pm 15.0
"Fox NFL Special" 11/25 Fox 4:00-4:30pm 7.9
"NFL on Fox": Saints-Cowboys 11/25 Fox 4:30-7:30pm 14.7
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 11/25 NBC 9:00am-12:00pm 12.8
National Dog Show 11/25 NBC 12:00-2:00pm 5.0
NCAA Football: West Virginia-Pittsburgh 11/26 ABC 12:00-3:30pm 2.5
NCAA Football: Colorado-Nebraska 11/26 ABC 3:30-7:00pm 1.6
"Best of College Football 2010" 11/26 CBS 1:30-2:30pm 1.6
NCAA Football: Auburn-Alabama 11/26 CBS 2:30-6:00pm 7.5
NCAA Football: Michigan-Ohio State 11/27 ABC 12:00-3:30pm 4.8
NCAA Football: (regional) 11/27 ABC 3:30-7:00pm 3.8
NCAA Football: (regional) 11/27 ABC 8:00-11:30pm 5.2
"College Football Today" 11/27 CBS 3:00-3:30pm 0.7
NCAA Football: LSU-Arkansas 11/27 CBS 3:30-7:00pm 4.2
NCAA Football: Grambling-Southern 11/27 NBC 2:00-6:00pm 0.8
"The NFL Today" 11/28 CBS 12:00-1:00pm 2.4
"NFL on CBS": (single) 11/28 CBS 1:00-4:05pm 10.8
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (taped) 11/28 CBS 5:00-6:00pm 1.2
"Fox NFL Sunday" 11/28 Fox 12:00-1:00pm 3.6
"NFL on Fox": (regional) 11/28 Fox 1:00-4:15pm 12.3
"NFL on Fox": Eagles-Bears (73%) 11/28 Fox 4:15-7:30pm 18.0
Aspen Winternational (taped) 11/28 NBC 1:00-2:00pm 0.5
ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating (taped) 11/28 NBC 2:00-4:00pm 0.8
Pandora Unforgettable Moments on Ice (taped) 11/28 NBC 4:00-6:00pm 1.2
"Football Night in America" 11/28 NBC 7:30-8:15pm 5.3
"Sunday Night Football": Chargers-Colts 11/28 NBC 8:30-11:45pm 13.0

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