Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Don't Terrorists Give Nissan Some Love??

Doesn't Nissan make the Patrol?  One of the world's toughest most capable vehicles alongside the LandCruiser, various Land Rovers and the Jeep Wrangler?  Hasn't Nissan made the Navara or Hardbody trucks available all over the world for years?  Does Nissan not have an Iranian, government owned factory running under the name of Pars Khodro?  Where is the love from terrorists, Marxists and malcontents worldwide?  Please don't discriminate!  Nissans make for great .50 cal mounts too!!

Regardless...this is a cool article from Newsweek (probably the only time I'll say that...) on terrorist love for Toyota trucks of all kinds around the world.  The love of Toyota's in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, etc. is something I already knew about but this just expands upon the topic...

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