Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NISMO Stuff Racing's First EPIC National event...

I can't honestly say that it will be the team's first true National level event.  That would go to the snowy, National level Rallycross event at Stafford Speedway earlier this year that qualified me to show up at the Colorado Rallycross Championship (that I did not attend).

THIS however will be a whole different ball game.

It is my now announced intention to make the 2011 Climb to the Clouds on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire the first full "stage rally" style event for the NISMO Stuff Racing team.  With Pastrana setting a new, unofficial record just a few weeks ago and a ton of press, hype and a full week of events leading up to the racers tackling the hill, this will be an EPIC event--even more so since it has not been held for the past 10 years and is just being reintroduced now and that 2011 will be the 150th anniversary of the Mt. Washington Auto Road itself.

Given its relatively local location to me, short length, number of practice runs and big exposure, this will be a near perfect introduction and shakedown for the team.  The hope is to run this event and then a few weeks later, run the New England Forest Rally in Maine/NH.  First things first though...We've got a mountain to conquer!


Brian Driggs said...

Rock 'n' roll, Dan. I love it when a plan comes together.

Michal said...

Nice. Hope you'll chase the clouds up there.