Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seats and Harnesses...

Closing in on the date for the truck to go in for its cage and finalizing some of the accessories that will go inside at the same time.

Here are my chosen seats and harnesses, both picked up from HMS Motorsport in Peabody, MA.

The seats are the least expensive FIA compliant seats I could find (hey!  I'm not made of money you know!) but will still fit the bill just right.  The Cobra Monaco seats are comfy without being soft and supportive without being confining.  They are tube frame in nature vs. a carbon fiber shell (which is what makes them relatively inexpensive) and weigh slightly more than their expensive brethren as well.

The Schroth Racing harnesses are made of 3" webbing and do NOT have the camlock latching mechanism picture on the box as those are not allowed in the dirty environs of the desert/rally due to the danger of jamming.

Now back to sorting out the technicalities of building the roll cage...

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