Monday, October 11, 2010

More Prep Purchases...

Ahhh....Columbus Day...

A day when banks and the Post Office are closed but most stores are open.  So it is with HMS Motorsport, a local (Peabody, MA) motorsports store.  They have nearly everything I need from helmets to seats to HANS devices and I can go and try the stuff on and see how it feels--far better than ordering by mail.

So I spent my free time down there picking out some seats, harnesses and other required safety items.  The seats and harnesses won't be ready for a week so I'll wait on posting about them but here are the items I brought home with me today.

First are the Oakley Carbon X long sleeve shirt, pants, socks and balaclava.  Not only does the Oakley Carbon X undergarments meet all FIA/Rally America/SCORE requirements but it is super soft, wicks moisture better than Nomex clothing, and looks damn cool too.

Second are the Alpinestars Tech-1 Race gloves.  Nomex for fire protection, thin for feel and grip areas on the palm and fingers to ensure a secure handle on the wheel or shifter.

Third and last but not least are the G-Force High Top Racing Shoes.  High top shoes are required for safe ankle coverage and these budget shoes are both built with fire resistant Nomex and are thickly soled and stiff enough to be appropriate footwear if one has to get out of the vehicle during a stage or desert race and traipse over rocks, roots or other non-asphalt surfaces.

Like I said...the seats and harnesses arrive next week so I will have more on them then.  Now I need an appropriate racing suit and helmet...Things are moving forward nicely...

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